Lawrence Deans Biscotti are made fresh daily, alternating flavors and varieties. We use canola oil instead of butter and have been able to cut the fat from traditional biscotti. Depending on the variety each biscotti is between 80 and 110 calories. Our biscotti are a little softer than traditional Italian biscotti even though they are twice baked.  Biscotti are packaged in bags of 4 for $3. You can also pick up a bag of biscotti ends that will give you a variety of end pieces for $3/bag.

There are also special varieties during the holidays.

Personalized biscotti are also available for $1.75/each. Almond biscotti are dipped in Chocolate or Chocolate biscotti are dipped in white chocolate.

We require 24 hours for special order personalized biscotti.

Biscotti varieties include:


Almond Cherry


Almond Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Hazelnut


Cranberry Walnut



Maple Pecan